Longhorn Fan Builds Website Asking Texas to Hire Saban

Published on 2-Aug-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Longhorn Fan Builds Website Asking Texas to Hire Saban

How bad has the University of Texas football program fallen?

Longhorn football prestige has dipped so much that some of their fans have already given up on the 2013 season.

One of them isn't waiting until the 2013 season to end. Nope. He's developed a website calling for Mack Brown to be fired in favor Alabama head coach Nick Saban.


nick saban texas alabama website


Keep in mind, Saban and Brown are both signed to their respective teams through 2020, so the chances of Texas firing Brown, paying for his buyout, and then paying Saban would be about zero.

The chances of Saban leaving Alabama for Texas are about the same. The Tide coach had to shoot down rumors several times last year that he would leave Tuscaloosa for the NFL.

We've heard before that the State of Texas is a hotbed for high school football, and for a long while, UT dominated it in recruiting; that is, until Texas A&M and Baylor came along with exciting new coaches in Kevin Sumlin and Art Briles.

Back-to-back Heisman winners from each school put a huge dent in Longhorn recruiting. Kids these days are more excited to hear from the Aggies and Bears than they are the Longhorns.

Give the overzealous fan credit: it's a nice looking website, but how many Baylor and A&M fans are chuckling at the mighty Longhorn nation at this moment for its desperate attempt to land the best coach in country?

The answer: a lot.