Aligning the NCAA Coaching Dominoes

Published on 25-Nov-2015 by CJ

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Aligning the NCAA Coaching Dominoes

This college football season has already seen a number of surprises.

I mean, who the heck had Iowa in the college playoffs this late in the season?

Besides Iowa.

And, of course, The Daily Player 12

However, the biggest surprise from the college season could be the number of high-profile coaching gigs open for business.

We already know of a few of them:

  • USC letting go of Steve Sarkisian and his problem with liquids;
  • Miami dumping Al Golden after the largest margin of defeat in school history; and
  • South Carolina’s Steve Spurrier deciding to call it a career.

These three job openings alone are enough to make for a sexy offseason in college football. But this list only includes the jobs we know for sure are open. And why should we limit ourselves to reality when speculation is so much more fun?

One rumor involves Texas coach Charlie Strong jumping ship to fill the void at Miami. Of course, Strong has since refuted it, but that won’t stop the chatter.

Boosters didn’t like the Strong hire from the get go -- they thought they had a deal with Nick Saban, and they sorta did -- and no matter how bare Mack Brown had left the talent cupboard in Austin, recent results haven’t been able to quiet the Longhorn masses.

Now, let’s just say for argument's sake, that Strong does decide to take his talents to South Beach. That would leave the Texas job as biggest opening out there, and the only way to fill a big opening is with a big name.

So would they take another run at Saban?

Why wouldn't he still be interested in 2015?

Especially if Alabama was to win the College Playoffs this season. Saban would have nothing left to prove in Tuscaloosa.

And what would the Crimson Tide do? Why not look towards a coach who is currently leading the playoff polls?

Former Bama WR Dabo Swinney has the Clemson Tigers as the high seed in the playoffs, but that didn’t stop him from commenting on the possibility of jumping to the SEC.

Alabama isn’t the only one in the SEC that may need a filling. Even though he has a $15million buyout, LSU is heavily considering kicking former national champion Les Miles to the curb. Perhaps the Tigers are tiring of a coach who consistently has his team in big bowl contention.

With all that booster money, who could LSU buy? Hello, Chip Kelly?

Despite denials everywhere, something dynamic is bound to happen soon.

The only question is who will be the first domino to fall.