Did Mack Brown Encourage Recruits to Consider Other Schools?

Published on 4-Feb-2014 by Stacey Mickles

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Did Mack Brown Encourage Recruits to Consider Other Schools?

Mack Brown didn't endear himself to Texas fans at the end of his tenure in Austin, and this revelation will make them even more furious with him. 

According to Texas four-star recruit John Bonney, Brown told him to not only take a look at other schools, but he'd even call coaches for him. 

“I was at my official visit when Mack Brown resigned, and he told us to go look around. [He said] he’ll even talk to other coaches for you and everything because he really just wanted the best for us as players.”

Let's be truthful here. When most college coaches leave one coaching job for another, they try to encourage other recruits to follow them; James Franklin moving to Penn State is but one example. However, in this case, Brown sounds like he's just getting back at Texas for the way they treated him.

Brown isn't moving along to another school. He was trying to damage Texas, and really, who can blame him? All throughout the season, Longhorn Nation factions were trying to lure other coaches -- OK, not other coaches; just Nick Saban -- to come take his place.

Then, after Brown thought he'd bought another season for himself, a cabal of billionaire boosters immediately turned the cat's ass to the sun and forced him to resign right then and there. Understandably, this ticked him off, so he resigned the same day Nick Saban signed his new contract with Alabama.

And for those who didn't think it was a calculated move, don't underestimate the politics of college football. No one should be surprised if Brown actually started pointing Longhorn recruits in other directions.

This report is still in the 'allegation' stage, but if it turns out to be true and legacy or no, will Brown ever be welcomed again in Austin?

My guess is his presence is not wanted now.

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