Sterling's Clipper Circus Continues in Court

Published on 22-Jul-2014 by J Square Humboldt

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Sterling's Clipper Circus Continues in Court

No wonder so many mothers want their sons to grow up to be corporate attorneys.

And no wonder the American judicial system is more dysfunctional than an old Soviet tractor factory.

When past-his-prime legal beagle Donald Sterling gets on a roll, a hella lotta lawyers' kids are gonna get put through college.

In the midst of a current trial against his wife and her cohorts, the billionaire bigot has filed another $1billion legal action in local court, which is not to be confused with the $1billion lawsuit he filed in federal court last month.

Let's begin with that one, just because:

The antics in the contentieux de la journée is still the leader in the clubhouse on schadenfreude factor alone. So far this week, no pigs have been harmed in the making of legal merry, but a few fireworks flared yesterday.

Like, testimony that if the Clips' shares revert to Donald Sterling, banks will call a whole lotta loans.

Sterling $500million loans

As the hoops world knows, it's not enough to reap a $2billion windfall on a $12million purchase. Confirming his alleged dementia with every movement these days, the demented 1%er claims he can find a sucker who'll lay down $5billion because, well, television. Apparently, cable rights are a bottomless pit.

Maybe that's why Rupert Murdoch apparently came out in sympathy.

Sterling claims his mind isn't going. If that's the case, then perhaps his interview with Anderson Cooper could've been worse:

And given what did pass his lips in that session, perhaps he'd better get all his courtroom testimony on the record before his alleged dementia fries any more circuits.