Sterling Might Be a Racist, but Sues Because He's Not Crazy

Published on 31-May-2014 by Stacey Mickles

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Sterling Might Be a Racist, but Sues Because He's Not Crazy

Donald Sterling's deteriorating mental state is highly exaggerated.

Aat least, according to his lawyer.

Despite earlier reports that Sterling is suffering from Alzheimer's disease, the banned Los Angeles Clippers governor's attorney said that it was not true.

Tweets re Sterling

He might want to re-think that.

This is crazy: Resisting his share of a $2billion purchase price for the Clips that is so far over the top that NASA couldn't track it.

Leave it to America's Finest News Source, The Onion, to conduct the poll du jour as to who's crazy here:

What Do You Think of Steve Ballmer Spending $2Billion on the Clippers?

Onion poll re Ballmer pt 1 Onion poll re Ballmer pt 2

Meanwhile, a real recent poll found that Sterling is the most hated man in America. More than OJ Simpson and Aaron Hernandez. And they're murderers, allegedly.

But the real killer is Sterling's lawsuit. Let's see if we've got this straight:

  • The billionaire bigot had a 50-50 chance of being skunked in court on his planned lawsuit against the NBA for banning him and pulling his franchise rights.
  • Had that happened, he'd have been hit with a huge tax bill that woulda put a serious chomp in his share of the sale price.
  • He signs a written agreement with his wife to find a buyer for the Clips before the NBA vote.
  • So his wife cuts a deal with the NBA to sell the team under more favorable circumstances.
  • But the billionaire bigot starts waffling on the signed permission he gave her.
  • She pulls out a couple of shrinks who, according to the Sterling Family Trust's own terms, can neuter his authority by calling him crazy.
  • The shrinks call him crazy.
  • She finds a software CEO castoff  with more money than sense to pay cash at four times the record sale price for an NBA team.
  • The billionaire bigot grosses $1billion and will get as favorable a tax hit as legally possible.
  • But he wants to sue anyway.
  • At which point, if hell froze over and he actually won that suit, all he'd get is a portion of the $1billion he just earned from the sale.

There's only one way to truly understand Sterling's thought process:

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