Looking For Knicks In All The Wrong Places

Published on 14-Jul-2016 by Dusty C

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Looking For Knicks In All The Wrong Places

The New York Knicks have brought in Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah, bringing the most excitement to Madison Square Garden since Linsanity took over in 2012.

The two will join up with Kristaps Porzingus and Carmelo Anthony to make a push for the playoffs.

Wait a minute. Let me get this straight.

These two dudes are supposed to make the Knicks contenders?

I mean, they’re far from scrubs. Both of them have been MVP candidates -- and, in Rose’s case, an MVP winner -- in the past. Both are coming from a Bulls teams that's been a serious contender in recent times.

But, that was then. What have they done lately?

We haven’t seen MVP Derrick Rose since 2012.

Sure, there’s nothing to be ashamed about when you’re putting up 16 points a game. But, he’s only averaging a measly four assists.

I understand the league is moving more towards shoot-first point guards. However, if you aren’t getting Steph Curry-esque buckets, you'd better be getting Chris Paul-esque dimes.

As for Noah, the dude averaged only 4 points, 1 assist, and 8 rebounds last year. With less than 1 block and less than 1 steal a game, he isn’t all he’s hyped up to be.

I’ll admit, dude does have a decent efficiency rating, but it isn’t great. With Noah being 31 years old, he doesn’t have much time to make it much better.

The Knickerbockers still belong to Carmelo and Kristaps.

  • Anthony can’t win in the playoffs.
  • Porzingis is still young and has never sniffed the playoffs.
  • My prediction -- based on the history alone -- is the Knicks will get knocked out in the first round.

So, let’s relax with all of this hype and think about the numbers. Think about the athletes we’re talking about.

Because, as we do that, our expectations will become much more realistic, and we’ll recognize the Knicks for what they still are: mediocre at best.

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