Knicks Want Back In the Christmas Parade

Published on 25-Dec-2015 by Alan Adamsson

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Knicks Want Back In the Christmas Parade

Even in the suckiest depths of Detroit Lion suckiness, the NFL stuck with them in its traditional early Thanksgiving game.

That's more than the NBA was willing to do with the New York Knickerbockers.

After plumbing new depths of suckitude, the team that had played in 50 Christmas matinées was finally dropped from the holiday card.

Apparently, inventing new ways to be bizarre didn't impress the league's brass. Take this instance from last season:

Of course, it never helps the Knicks' cause when one of its own goes critter on the day reserved for peace on Earth and good will toward men:

This season, however, owner James Dolan's circus is actually competitive. The Knicks' 14-16 record coming into the holiday must make them feel giddy with accomplishment.

On top of that, Zenmeister Phil Jackson looks like he came up trumps by defying the hoop xenophobes and drafting Latvia's best basketball player:

Thus, it may be that Anthony still considers himself the main attraction, but the rook may be just what the Knicks needed to give themselves the present they seem to want so much.

In reality, the league office has its reasons, too. If only they trusted Jackson and his judgment.

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