We Now Present Our Weekly Update of Jimmy G's Dating Status

Published on 16-Nov-2019 by Raoul Duke

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We Now Present Our Weekly Update of Jimmy G's Dating Status

The previously unbeaten San Francisco 49ers lost their very first game of the season this past Monday night.

Their expensive QB and single white male Jimmy Garoppolo basically played like shit against the Seahawks, but dude refuses to allow any professional failures to cramp his style off the field.

Apparently, he was able to bounce right back with the help of a Sacramento bottle-service girl by the name of Shay Bae.

We don't really know how long these two crazy kids have been an item, but it appears to be a recent development:


Yeah, that'll help cushion the blow.


You may recall Jimmy G taking out top-heavy porn actress Kiara Mia just last year, but the star of Wet & Wild Asses 2 is probably not ready for a relationship.

Besides, Tom Brady's former understudy prefers a little variety.

He'll even put out the vibe right there on the field, if necessary:


Of course, the Niners are no longer undefeated, but our frisky friend was feeling pretty good about life at that particular moment:


It would appear Erin Andrews was moved by the exchange as well:


Apologies for the crassness.