Tom Brady Walks Out of a Massage Parlor in Surreal Netflix Cameo

Published on 21-Oct-2019 by Raoul Duke

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Tom Brady Walks Out of a Massage Parlor in Surreal Netflix Cameo

Just when you've convinced yourself that Tom Brady is actually a technologically advanced mutant, he does something decidedly human.

But then he quickly removes any doubt.

The New England Patriots' GOAT and avid ring collector did a brief cameo in a new Netflix show called Living With Yourselfwhich seemed to go for the whole art-imitating-life thing.

Despite the predictably wooden acting by Brady, this scene was pretty okay:


The fictional Top Happy Spa is delightfully similar to the real life Orchids of Asia Day Spa.

Tom Terrific definitely nailed the look of utter bliss and contentment, an expression he likely wears every waking moment of his charmed existence.


The fact that he even agreed to do this cameo, which was apparently written and shot well before Robert Kraft received his strip mall tub job, reveals something resembling a sense of humor.

Sadly though, this evidence of a tangible human characteristic was quickly ruined by Brady when questioned by the sinister media:


That defensive gibberish was hard wired directly into his CPU.


There's nothing sadder than someone completely incapable of laughing at themselves or experiencing even a moment of self-deprecation.

Hey, that reminds us of another public figure.


These people deserve each other.