Odell Beckham Jr's Gonna Be Laughing in Cleveland

Published on 13-Mar-2019 by Biff BoJock

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Odell Beckham Jr's Gonna Be Laughing in Cleveland

It's amazing what an NFL team can do when the dude who makes personnel decisions isn't taking advice from the homeless.

Maybe Cleveland Browns owner Jimmy Haslam should be thanking the FBI. If he hadn't been so busy with them, he might not have found John Dorsey to look after the crew.

Whatever and/or however, long-suffering Browns fans are pinching themselves due to his moves.


Dorsey started putting his definitive stamp on things around mid-season last year, which included:

  • Pulling the ripcord on the hopeless Hue Jackson;
  • Figuring if Baker Mayfield could run for his life at Oklahoma, he could do it in Cleveland; and
  • Making certain Nick Chubb gets more mileage.

It's safe to say dude was rolling.


Now, during this springs free agent frenzy, Dorsey just keeps laying aces on the table:

  • He's giving Kareem Hunt a second chance, as he was a force on the field who has to learn not to be one off the field;
  • Sheldon Richardson should be vital on the D-line, as will
  • Olivier Vernon, who came from the Giants.

Speaking of the Giants ...


Odell Beckham Jr -- and his opinions -- has also been rescued from the Giants and will set up shop in the birthplace of Rock & Roll.




So much for mistake by the lake zingers.


At least for now.

Dudes still gotta prove it, but considering where they've been and with Dorsey spinning his magic, the Browns will take that challenge.