Jets Safety Jamal Adams Assaults Pat Patriot at the Pro Bowl

Published on 28-Jan-2019 by Raoul Duke

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Jets Safety Jamal Adams Assaults Pat Patriot at the Pro Bowl

The New England Patriots just seem to bring out the worst in everyone.

This disgustingly successful franchise will be playing in yet another Super Bowl this coming Sunday, which apparently pleases team mascot Pat Patriot quite a bit.

The lantern-jawed Pat was at the NFL Pro Bowl this past week doing whatever it is he does, but things took an unexpected turn for the worse after being introduced to Jamal Adams.

Well, it wasn't exactly a formal introduction.


The encounter occurred while Adams was signing autographs and Pat Patriot was mascoting.


You can tell from the crowd reaction that they were just waiting for some random violence, specifically directed at Pat.

This may seem a tad harsh for an exhibition game, but Adams was simply giving the fans what they desperately craved.


But alas, every action has a consequence.

It appears that Patrick may have sustained some injuries from the tackle, despite what the permanent crazed grin affixed to his giant costume head would suggest.

There have been conflicting reports as to the severity of said injuries, with Adams even being told that Pat had been hospitalized.

However, someone was in that costume the next day, at least pretending to have a good time.


Meanwhile, Adams was just trying to keep it casual and avoid any potential litigation.


He can always take solace in that Pro Bowl Defensive MVP trophy.


Let's just hope this player-on-mascot crime doesn't become an epidemic.


Robin Lopez gets a pass, though.