ESPN Changes Horribly Ill-Conceived MNF Graphic at Halftime

Published on 10-Sep-2019 by Raoul Duke

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ESPN Changes Horribly Ill-Conceived MNF Graphic at Halftime

In the world of television graphics, sometimes less is more.

It's also wise not to overthink things too much or ignore the obvious, a lesson ESPN sometimes fails to grasp.

For reasons we're still struggling to comprehend, the sharp minds on board the Mothership decided to make their Monday Night Football down-&-distance graphic penalty-flag yellow.

The befuddled feedback began almost immediately:




Social media frequently nurtures our worst instincts, but every so often it can do some genuine good.

The Worldwide Leader accepted the criticism and acted accordingly, removing the confusing yellow graphic at halftime as tense Saints and Texans fans let out a contented sigh of relief.



Bravo, sir.


The difference is striking.


The short-lived graphic will be appropriately mourned.


It didn't quite have the staying power of a BoogerMobile or Jason Witten's broadcasting career.