Baker Mayfield Continues to Charm the Local Cleveland Media

Published on 31-Oct-2019 by Raoul Duke

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Baker Mayfield Continues to Charm the Local Cleveland Media

The Cleveland Browns represent one of the more talented dumpster fires we've come across in some time.

Of course, there are myriad reasons for this dysfunction, including the complete lack of discipline under the watchful eye of an out of his element Freddie Kitchens.

However, TV pitchman Baker Mayfield is definitely feeling the burden of expectations these days, with his turnover-heavy performances under constant analysis.

Things didn't go terribly well in a recent loss to the undefeated Patriots, as Mayfield was sacked five times while failing to break 200 yards through the air.


Dude only tossed one pick, but it was pretty grim:


And underhanded, no less.


Anyway, frustrations boiled over during a session with the local media this week:


Although that follow-up question by his apparent arch-nemesis Tony Grossi wasn't all that bright, the young QB really needs to show more maturity in that situation, particularly since he'll have to speak to these people again.

Our hot-headed friend then immediately took to Twitter, as the kids often like to do:



Again, while not necessarily wrong, a little tact would've been nice.

Here's some feedback from the unwashed masses:



We have a consensus.