Apparently, Tom Brady Uses Max Kellerman's Ignorance as GOAT Fuel

Published on 29-Jun-2019 by Raoul Duke

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Apparently, Tom Brady Uses Max Kellerman's Ignorance as GOAT Fuel

Just in case anyone was still curious as to how Tom Brady continues to defy the immutable laws of science and common sense with this football thing, we may have an answer for you.

It has nothing to do with the cult of TB12 or Alex Guerrero or even the possibility that the New England Patriots QB is a cyborg infiltrating the human race for nefarious purposes.

Nope, it turns out that his sole motivation to continue playing professional football at a high level into his mid-40's is based on the thoughts and opinions of Max Kellerman.

Indeed, a man who's played in nine Super Bowl's and won six of them actually appears to care what this ESPN bad-take dispenser thinks of him.


It's difficult to sift through the litany of nonsense that has spewed out of Bristol over the years, but you may recall a particular Kellerman mind-cramp about Brady back in 2016, a position he continues to defend to this very day.


Perhaps it's time to dry dock the Mothership permanently.


Despite this being the most ridiculous sports argument in recorded history, Tom Terrific is clearly still hung up on the words of this unconscionable hack.

We know this because Brady recently shared the following information with the planet:


Based on this post, we can only conclude that Brady is pushing himself to the limits of human endurance in preparation for the 2019 NFL season just to spite Max Kellerman.

How does one go about stopping this sort of mechanism?


Perhaps the most disturbing part of this entire episode is the fact that Stephen A Smith was the voice of reason in the above clip.


Spidey may have a point.