Max Kellerman Unleashes a Torrent of Lousy Sports Opinions on ESPN

Published on 11-May-2019 by Raoul Duke

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Max Kellerman Unleashes a Torrent of Lousy Sports Opinions on ESPN

Move over, Stephen A Smith, there's a new challenger to your throne of incompetence.

In fact, you may know him.

Max Kellerman, who also engages in thoughtful sports yelling on the ESPN shitshow First Take, has been doing a very convincing Stephen A impression recently with a series of dubious observations.

For those of you comfortable with the idea of Smith being the worst of the bunch in Bristol, Mad Max would like you to hold his beer.


We really must begin with the most egregious assault on common sense, an opinion shared by Kellerman that unfortunately involves the unimpeachable Larry Fitzgerald.


What a proud moment for Kellerman and his family.


Obviously, the entire point of these shows is to take a contrarian viewpoint or play devil's advocate for the sake of argument, but in this case, the notion of the longtime Arizona Cardinals wideout not being a first ballot Hall of Famer is just patently absurd.

This is simply not a point of contention for anyone, yet Max says this dumb shit for a living.


But wait, there's more.


Since he's already covered the NFL, let's sample a fresh NBA hot take right out of the oven and into your living room:


While Stephen A seemed to agree with Max on the Fitz take above, this one sent him careening recklessly off the studio walls.

Guest panelist Jay Williams was actually compelled to take a slow walk while sighing audibly.

This scene resembled a poorly organized intervention, which might not be a bad idea at this point.


As if he doesn't have enough issues at the moment, Max has also been accused of on-set flatulence, a suggestion that was meticulously analyzed by Dan Le Batard.


For the record, we vote fart.