Stephen A Smith Is Impossibly Bad at His Job

Published on 14-Dec-2018 by Raoul Duke

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Stephen A Smith Is Impossibly Bad at His Job

The Los Angeles Chargers went into Kansas City on Thursday night and emerged with an impressive 29-28 win, courtesy of a testosterone-fueled two-point conversion with no time on the clock.

Most football fans likely enjoyed this game, with the possible exception of Stephen A Smith, who doesn't appear to have any interest in the sport whatsoever.

Of course, this doesn't stop him from reporting and commenting on it.

Listen to this mind blowing gibberish:


You can literally see the moment where Tedy Bruschi realizes that this dude has not one clue how to do this job while simultaneously remembering how much ESPN pays Smith for his insight.


Even Max Kellerman is visibly confused.

That really is an insane amount of incompetence to pack into 30 seconds.


It's encouraging to see that the Mothership is still holding its employees to the usual high standards, demanding exhaustive research to accompany on-air analysis.

Of course, this nonsense didn't go unnoticed, particularly by the Chargers themselves, who engaged in some next-level trolling of Smith.


Also see Stan Humphries.

The former cable adversary of Skip Bayless tried to play it off as best he could:


To be fair, that was more of a brain hemorrhage than a simple lock.

Stephen A Smith is and will forever remain a hopeless hack.

In fact, let's mock him openly:


Everyone does.