Apparently, Todd McShay Won't Be Working for the New York Jets

Published on 14-Jun-2019 by Raoul Duke

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Apparently, Todd McShay Won't Be Working for the New York Jets

It's about time we checked in with the New York Jets to see how the dynasty-building is progressing.

Long-suffering Jets enthusiasts will be pleased to learn that head coach Adam Gase is no longer the acting GM, which can only be interpreted as a positive development.

Gase and his crazy-eyed search process finally produced a hire in Joe Douglas, who's immediately gotten busy with the task of filling out the front office.

It seems the brand new GM is casting a wide net in his quest for quality front office personnel, apparently choosing to begin with personal acquaintances and ESPN employees.


As such, one of his reported targets was ESPN talking head Todd McShay, who's known Douglas since their collegiate days at the prestigious University of Richmond.

McShay's widely regarded as a pretty decent talent evaluator, as this hot take about Daniel Jones certainly confirms:

Now that's what we call risking your professional reputation on live TV.


It appears McShay probably sabotaged what little chance he actually had at a front office position by confirming the rumor and discussing it publicly.

However, even when considering the constant turnover at ESPN, the warm bosom of the Mothership is still preferable to working for the Jets and being on the receiving end of those unstable, darting eyes that can easily pierce a human soul.


Anyway, it's probably for the best, as who would share a bunk with Mel Kiper Jr in Bristol.


They really do make a cute couple.