The New York Giants Just Drafted Eli Manning's Stunt Double

Published on 27-Apr-2019 by Raoul Duke

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The New York Giants Just Drafted Eli Manning's Stunt Double

It didn't take long for logic and reason to wave bye-bye at the NFL Draft.

And not surprisingly, the New York Giants were involved.

With two precious first-round picks at their disposal, the G-Men were clearly going to select a QB with one of them.

They decided to pull the trigger at No 6.

And who, pray tell, did they select?


The pick's in, and it's Duke slinger Daniel Jones.

Let's check the pulse of Big Blue Nation, just for shits and giggles.


There appears to be a consensus.


Dwayne Haskins had some thoughts as well.


Of course, the Ohio State product fell all the way down to No 15, where the Washington Redskins giddily selected him, setting up twice-a-year NFC East reminders of whom the Giants passed up for Jones.

GM Dave Gettleman has clearly been evaluating talent while intoxicated again, but let's give him a chance to explain his reasoning behind the pick.


Wrap your mind around that gibberish for a moment.

Indeed, it must be reassuring for Giants fans to know that their GM feels it's important to watch a QB play in person.


But full-bloom man-love can't be denied, so the Manning Passing Academy- and David Cutcliffe-approved Daniel Jones is now the heir apparent to Eli.


Yeah, this isn't going to end well.