This Week in Cultural Intolerance: The Generation Gap Edition

Published on 10-Oct-2019 by Raoul Duke

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This Week in Cultural Intolerance: The Generation Gap Edition

The depths of human ignorance are sometimes difficult to fathom.

Our sign of the apocalypse this week comes from Happy Valley, where the race and culture wars apparently rage on.

A Penn State safety by the name of Jonathan Sutherland received a handwritten letter recently from an elderly Nittany Lion alum.

We can confirm that Pennsylvania resident Dave Petersen is quite old based solely on the fact that this wasn't an email.


But this isn't some adorable old codger.

We'll just show you the letter:


Oh dear.


This ignorant missive was shared by one of Sutherland's teammates, and it's almost too tragic to be funny.


Unfortunately, this is more than just a case of an old fart shaking his fist at these damn kids and their loud music.

No, this is much more than that.


Head coach James Franklin delivered a retort that really shouldn't be necessary:


That's a lovely thought, complete with an apparent offer of his daughter's hand in marriage.


Sadly, this shit isn't going away any time soon, particularly with folks like Dave Petersen and Jim Boone around.