Nick Saban's Still in Extreme Denial about Clemson

Published on 20-Jul-2019 by Raoul Duke

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Nick Saban's Still in Extreme Denial about Clemson

Earlier this week, SEC Media Days commenced in Birmingham, which tells the astute observer that the 2019 college football season is almost upon us.

This annual event also means Nick Saban was holding court, desperately trying to explain away his Crimson Tide's public flogging at the hands of Dabo Swinney and the Clemson Tigers in the BCS title Game.

To do this, the 67-year-old curmudgeon decided to wallow in some hardcore denial, which appears to be his coping mechanism of choice in these types of situations.

Here's Nick arriving at the event, apparently being confused with Mick Jagger:


Jeepers, they do love their football in Alabama.


That is some disturbing audio.


Due to time constraints, we'll spare you the entire Saban spiel, as he spoke at length.

However, this little snippet may shed some light on his current frame of mind:


First of all, what a dynamic public speaker.

You may have noticed the phrase re-establishing standards peppered throughout the clip.

This makes perfect sense, as the Crimson Tide football program has set insanely high standards of excellence, to the point where anything less than a title is considered a monumental failure.

Of course, that's when the excuse-manufacturing portion of the offseason begins.


Indeed, Saban will say anything to deflect from the harsh reality that Clemson is now the most dominant college football program on the planet.

He'll even throw former players and coaches into a wheat thresher, claiming they were preoccupied with other offers or the NFL and not focused on the task at hand.

We can understand why Nick would be defensive about such things, but the writing is on the wall, at least for the moment.


There's very little ambiguity in that grim footage.