Dabo Swinney Has Some Very Specific Football Thoughts about Zion Williamson

Published on 17-Feb-2019 by Raoul Duke

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Dabo Swinney Has Some Very Specific Football Thoughts about Zion Williamson

Having won two of the last three NCAA national titles, Dabo Swinney is apparently feeling a little frisky.

In fact, the Clemson head coach and vanquisher of the evil Nick Saban is now trying to poach athletes from prestige programs in completely different sports.

But not just any athlete or program.

Dabo is insinuating himself into the lives of Zion Williamson and Duke University.


The curious thing is that Mike Krzyzewski seems to be encouraging this rogue behavior.

We don't know what sort of twisted game Coach K is playing, but let's have a listen to these two compassionate leaders of young men chat on the subject:


Well, that's just hysterical.


Yep, Dabo would put Zion all over the field, even QB, with Coach K helpfully suggesting the Wildcat as an option.

Of course, Clemson already has a pretty good QB on the roster.


While Dabo's filled with hubris as his program keeps dominating the Earth, it's not like he's the first NCAA football coach to express an interest in Zion.

The red-faced Ed Orgeron was once enamored with his freakish athleticism and actually offered Williamson a scholarship to play football at LSU.


The thing is, Zion had a pretty compelling reason for not playing football in high school.

His school didn't field a football team.

We feel he chose the correct sport, though.


That's just not fair.