Vince Carter Simply Refuses to Retire from the NBA

Published on 3-May-2019 by Raoul Duke

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Vince Carter Simply Refuses to Retire from the NBA

Apparently, Vince Carter really enjoys playing professional basketball.

The 42-year old recently announced his desire to come back for a 22nd NBA season, a reality that's equal parts inspiring and confounding.

If this story sounds familiar, that's because it is.

This middle-aged man played sparingly for the Atlanta Hawks last year, averaging over seven points in around 18 minutes per game.

Placed in the proper context, those numbers are truly remarkable.


Indeed, we're all better people because of Vince and his continued labor of love.

Just check out these testimonials:



OG's a walking daily affirmation.


And if you stick around this long, there's bound to be some weird and astonishing facts attached to your longevity.

Like these, for example:




All three of those are completely vinsane.


Let's have a look at the NBA Julio Franco in action last season with the Hawks:

Nice. Next stop: Minnie Miñoso.

Somehow, Vince hasn't won a title in his nearly quarter-century in the Association.

He's certainly not going to get that elusive ring in Memphis or Atlanta, so perhaps he could hook up with a team that may actually qualify for the postseason.

Of course, in this scenario, he'd barely see the court, which would deprive us of the OG dunks seen in the clip above.


Clearly, Carter needs his fix, so more power to him.


We can't quit you either, Vince.