Daily Affirmation with Sonny Gray

Published on 26-Aug-2018 by Raoul Duke

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Daily Affirmation with Sonny Gray

Sonny Gray is feeling pretty good about himself these days.

The Yankees pitcher was actually banished to the bullpen earlier this month, but his most recent start against Baltimore has apparently provided some optimism.

For himself, anyway.

Gray dominated the Orioles with six-plus innings of shutout ball, striking out seven Birds in the process.


Afterwards, Pickles was speaking his truth to the assembled sports media.


Well, that's a pretty definitive statement of opinion.


There isn't a thing wrong with a little confidence, but sharing it with the entire free world may not be the most prudent approach.

While the 28-year-old did look more than okay in this most recent start, those scoreless innings couldn't even get that pesky ERA under 5.00.

Here's Gray conducting his daily affirmation in full:


That's not bad, but not quite as polished as Stuart Smalley.


Also, it's important to note that Sonny Gray isn't a licensed therapist, either.