LeBron James Wants Legal Recognition As King of Taco Tuesday

Published on 2-Sep-2019 by Raoul Duke

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LeBron James Wants Legal Recognition As King of Taco Tuesday

For those not in the know, LeBron James is really into tacos.

More specifically, he enjoys celebrating all things taco on a particular day of the week.

Of course, that day would be Taco Tuesday.

The Los Angeles Lakers' aging star has spent what seems to be the bulk of his off-season reveling in this most special of days, even indoctrinating brand-new running mate Anthony Davis into the cult of hard and soft shell.


Honestly, that feels like a disproportionate amount of enthusiasm for tacos, but to each their own.

The Brow looked mildly uncomfortable, but it didn't appear that he was being held against his will.


Just last week, another video indicated that the King hadn't forgotten about us or The Taco Tuesday.


If we don't make eye contact, maybe he'll leave us alone.


Since LeBron controls 95% of the known universe, anyway, he figured why not get a trademark on his favorite phrase?

As always, here's resident attorney Josh Gerben with a thorough analysis of the application:


Yep, that's pretty standard boilerplate right there.


We're certainly looking forward to all of the taco-themed content that appears to be on the horizon, unless Tom Brady spoils it for everyone with his own trademark request.


We'd sure love one of those commemorative tote bags, though.