The Pirates Can't Even Execute an Appeal Play Properly

Published on 17-Sep-2019 by Raoul Duke

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The Pirates Can't Even Execute an Appeal Play Properly

Oh baseball, you whimsical mistress.

This sport gives us something new to marvel at every single day.

And if the Pittsburgh Pirates are involved, something to mock relentlessly.

This past Sunday, the damaged Bucs were in the midst of yet another human rights violation at the hands of the streaking Cubs when they decided to go full Benny Hill.


Oh wait, wrong clip.

Here we go:


Pirates manager and crotchety old man Clint Hurdle seemed so confident when he was explaining to the umpires that the Bucs wanted to appeal at third.

Unfortunately, reliever Michael Feliz foiled this bold gambit, allowing an amused Tony Kemp to score.

Afterwards, the appeal was still denied, because an appeal play hasn't worked in MLB since just after World War I.


Tragically, the Pirates are obligated to finish their schedule, although no one will be there to meet them back in Pittsburgh anyway.

In the meantime, this is beginning to make us nostalgic for the old intentional walk, which has been converted into a Manfred.


Good times.