Mickey Callaway's Just Another Victim of the Mets Shame Factory

Published on 4-Oct-2019 by Raoul Duke

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Mickey Callaway's Just Another Victim of the Mets Shame Factory

You can't really blame someone for not succeeding with the New York Mets, as this franchise will be forever doomed to fail with the Wilpons' hand of the switch.

That being said, the MIckey Callaway hire seemed ill-advised from the very beginning.

The overmatched 44-year-old was relieved of his managerial duties after two pedestrian seasons.

Dude's still got one year left on his original deal, but the Mets would rather give him $1million to go away.


It was never going to get better than that 11-1 start to the 2018 season for the MIck.

While that campaign ended with a losing record, dude actually squeezed out 86 wins this year despite all of the Metsing taking place around him.

Of course, Callaway was an active participant, most notably with that whole berating the media for asking a question thing back in June.


That intrusive music was actually coming from the Mick's head.

Obviously, this dismissal has provided much grist for the mill in New York:


His beard should've been kept on for another year.


Well, that point has some validity.

Here's Mickey saying some words:


He's certainly entitled to his opinion.

No word yet on if Edwin Díaz will be formally thanked for his contributions this season.