José Canseco Has Joined Forces with Our Robot Overlords

Published on 22-Apr-2019 by Raoul Duke

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José Canseco Has Joined Forces with Our Robot Overlords

The always entertaining and completely unhinged José Canseco is back in the news.

Somehow, the former Bash Brother and juice enthusiast has found time in between Yeti hunts and alien abductions to come up with a remarkable piece of futuristic technology.

Now you may be asking yourself what's changed in the world of José Canseco since February 2017.

If you recall, that was right around the time that the 1988 AL MVP crafted a series of paranoia-soaked tweets about the robots.




Yes, dude felt so strongly about the issue that he was compelled to address the entire human race.

And please keep in mind that this is just a very small sampling.

Yet in 2019, Canseco is embracing the dreaded technology with his patent pending mechanical arm designed to improve both baseball and golf swings, apparently through sheer madness.


But check this out.

Our favorite paranoid delusional former MLB slugger is actively seeking investors for this bold gambit.

Of course, any discerning venture capitalist with Internet access can simply hop online and read Canseco's Twitter feed on literally any day of the week.

They would then find random shit like this:


Yep, those two dudes are basically the same person.


That's from the non-sequitur file.


Good God, Chris Davis has enough on his plate.

And these were just from this month.


Clearly, there's a pattern of behavior present that wouldn't inspire much confidence from potential investors.

Still, if the robot arm thing doesn't happen, dude can always fall back on politics.