The Emotionally Stunted Sergio García is Defacing Golf Courses Again

Published on 31-Jul-2019 by Raoul Duke

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The Emotionally Stunted Sergio García is Defacing Golf Courses Again

We want to be just like Sergio García when we grow up.

You really don't see too many professional golfers willing to help out with course maintenance or groundskeeping in the middle of a tournament, but Sergio is just that selfless.

We all remember how helpful dude was at the immensely popular Saudi International, when he assisted in curating a few greens and a sand trap.

Of course, García was asked to leave this particular tourney, but let's not split five irons here.


Our troubled friend was at it again this past weekend at a thing called the WGC-FedEx St Jude Invitational, where the Serg once again decided to lend a hand.


Actually, that was the complete antithesis of helpful.


This time the 2017 Masters champion and emotional cripple thought it would be best to work over the tee box instead of kicking and screaming in the sand, but the pattern continues all the same.

His ridiculous antics aren't just reserved for the physical course, though, as García also enjoys being shitty to people.


That's just no way to treat a caddy.


And that was just a week prior to the divot-making at St Jude.


His peers have certainly grown weary of the act, but it appears that a suspension is unlikely.


That would probably do it.