Enraged Tennis Player Almost Blinds Umpire with His Shot

Published on 11-Feb-2017 by Raoul Duke

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Enraged Tennis Player Almost Blinds Umpire with His Shot

While we do see the occasional emotional outburst from a tennis player, the sport itself is pretty docile.

With the net helpfully separating the players, there's absolutely no chance of physical contact.

However, the ball is traveling at very high speeds, and every so often, we're treated to someone getting blasted with a shot.

This brings us to the Davis Cup, where a Canadian tennis player by the name of Denis Shapovalov completely destroyed the chair umpire with an errant shot after losing a point.

Yeah, that's going to leave a mark.

The best part of that footage may very well be the reaction of the announcing team, who were compelled to whisper, "Oh my goodness" and "Oh dear" for the better part of five minutes.

One also referred to the incident as a nightmare, which is quite possibly the most hyperbolic statement ever uttered on live television.

It's unclear what this dude's plan was here, but if it involved being immediately disqualified from the match and also fined, then the plan was executed perfectly.

Athletes get frustrated all the time, but there are certainly healthier ways to channel this angst besides almost disfiguring another person.

From all accounts, it appears the umpire escaped with only a black eye and complete loss of dignity, so bully for him.

However, the real lesson here, as always, is the following: