Tennis Daily Review

The Return of Maria Sharapova
02-May-2017   Tennis / Tennis Daily Review
Genie Bouchard just sighed audibly.

Tennis Match Disrupted by Sounds of Noisy Sex
23-Apr-2017   Tennis / Tennis Daily Review
40-love, indeed.

Celebrity Tennis Lessons with Serena Williams
15-Mar-2017   Tennis / Tennis Daily Review
Russell Wilson and his wife could use the help.

Genie Bouchard Pays Off Super Bowl Bet
21-Feb-2017   Tennis / Tennis Daily Review
Fate smiles upon an incredibly lucky college student.

Enraged Tennis Player Almost Blinds Umpire with His Shot
11-Feb-2017   Tennis / Tennis Daily Review
Aren't Canadians supposed to be more passive?

Djokovic; Williams Sisters Ousted from Olympics
08-Aug-2016   Tennis / Tennis Daily Review
You never can tell.


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