World Cup Snub: Landon Donovan Is Done Again

Published on 22-May-2014 by J Square Humboldt

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World Cup Snub: Landon Donovan Is Done Again

Say this for Jürgen Klinsmann: The dude's not a sentimentalist.

Then again, if he was, the US National Team would be speaking German. That is where his memories are.

His short history with the USA gig perhaps gives him a more objective perspective than most, and he confirmed that trait today when he decided it was time for Yankee football to turn the page.

Landon Donovan has been dropped from the World Cup roster.

Bold move. But a smart one.

The USA didn't exactly get drawn into a group that will reward sentiment:

Group G edt vs site
16 Jun   8.00pm Ghana Natal
22 Jun   8.00pm Portugal Manaus
26 Jun 12.00pm Germany Recife

Donovan is 32 now, and even he will admit his pace is at less than international elite these days. Even if the old adage about old age and treachery trimping youth and skill has merit, the World Cup squads the Americans will face have too much experience at this level to be surprised by anything he'd have to offer.

Better to bring along the face of the future, which could well be Julian Green. All anyone needs to know about that comparison is that Germany wanted to include him in their national plans.

Granted, Donovan did his bit to get the team in form for Brazil by contributing strongly in its Gold Cup quarterfinal victory against an outmanned El Salvador side. Still, it's clear he still has the respect of his teammates:

Donovan's controversial vacation to combat football burnout may have been something he needed, but the reality is it only made Klinsmann's decision easier.

So the show goes on. And as the program matures, it's only natural that the faces change. Or in this case, bow out as part of the process.