Suárez Has Found a New Gear at Barcelona

Published on 5-May-2015 by srijan213

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Suárez Has Found a New Gear at Barcelona

Luis Suárez tore apart Premiership defenses a season ago.

And he's still tearing them down in Spain.

It's tough enough to cope with new surroundings as well as blending in with the world-class players at Barcelona, but Suárez managed it.

Had he not, there may have been traces of his teeth around Spain.

Dude's jelled well with Neymar and Messi, making them the most feared trio in Spain, and possibly the world.

The prolific Uruguayan international registered a hat trick against Córdoba in a 0-8 shellacking -- OK, it was low-hanging fruit -- and his form keeps involving to higher levels.

His first was just too easy:

Well, with defense like that, it's no wonder Córdoba is being relegated.

The second Suárez strike came by using his head:

Who says only Ronaldo can head the ball that well? OK, maybe the Real fans, but Barça's got a true maestro in residence.

The 'keeper might not even try a save next time around.

Suárez's third came through a stroke of luck, as a Córdoba man assisted the veteran striker:

Liverpool fans must be cursing Balotelli after seeing Suárez in this sort of form.

Lionel Messi may not be the only star taking Barcelona to a La Liga title this year.

With Suárez's transformation from last season to this, it's like he turned into a Super Saiyan.