Super Mario: It's All About Him

Published on 20-Feb-2015 by srijan213

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Super Mario: It's All About Him

Liverpool had to rely on Super Mario Balotelli’s spot kick expertise to wrap up a narrow escape.

They defeated Beşiktaş just 1-0, a decision that may have belied the run of play but was always a break away from disaster.

The Merseyside Reds tumbled out of the Champions League following no joy in a tough group, but they're showing their recent domestic form in the Europa League.

Although without their field general, Steven Gerrard, to lead the Reds army, the 'Pool did more than enough to silence any buzz. The only thing they didn't do until late was put the visitors away.

The match was full of enticing moments, one of which was this rocket form Moreno:

Talk about a heatseeker! Reminiscent of a Gerrard blast. The only difference is that it probably would have been a goal for him.

The only marker of the match came via a subbed Balotelli through a penalty in the 85th minute.

That’s his song, he will dance on it for sure.

He may have lost a friend after this spot kick, though. Sturrdige felt it was his to take. But no.

Poor Sturridge. Still, he's the master of that sacred art. At least, according to FIFA 15.


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