Sepp Still Doesn't Get the Feds

Published on 29-Feb-2016 by J Square Humboldt

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Sepp Still Doesn't Get the Feds

FIFA has, at long last, offically moved on.

Among other things, that means that career godfather Sepp Blatter has finally accepted that he's retired.

However, he'd better not get too comfortable thinking he can be another Don Corleone dithering around in his garden.

That's because the Feds really don't give a damn whether he's retired or not. And Blatter still hasn't come to grips with it.

Dude, about the only thing you got right is that this is indeed all about you.


What with the Swiss authorities joining in on the fun, the only real question left in the FIFA bribery investigation is how well Blatter's toadies can contiue to obfuscate his involvement.

The scheme itself has been fleshed out by the Feds for some time, now:

FIFA marketing bribery scheme

The odds, then, remain strong that -- sooner or later -- Blatter's little morning dance will one day see him doing it with a partner named Bubba.

Just keeping it out there.