Red Devils Remain Unconvincing

Published on 13-Feb-2015 by srijan213

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Red Devils Remain Unconvincing

Well, there is this:

But really, there's still no conviction in their play.

Of course, when Sir Alex was in charge, victories were expected. Fans have yet to let that notion fade. However, the Red Devils have since seen their devil. Petty losses against low-level teams, numerous draws against mediocre teams, fewer wins, and even fewer convincing wins. That was enough to run off David Moyes, and to date, that’s the United story under Mr Luis van Gaal.

His Netherlands World Cup squad was among the best in Brazil, but the same cannot be said for his crew here in England. Though they did get the result.

A sixth-minute van Gaal substitute, Chris Smalling, got his head into the game right away.

Not sure that even the San Antonio Spurs could've defended against that volley.

However, if you are a Red Devil fan, then you have to know how vulnerable the back line is. Danny Ings dared to dream and took full advantage.

Now that's the right kind of a dive! No wonder the big sharks are all after him.

It was Chris Smalling again who took the Red Devils back to supremacy, relatively speaking:

Gotta say, van Gaal surely knows who to substitute.

Burnley were walking gingerly on cracking ice with United until, ultimately, it finally broke. The Clarets just kept edging out there:

No penalty, but thin ice.

Yes, penalty.

Robin Van Persie is a prime example that class is lasting:

And he was money in this one, too:

Long run-up. Goalkeeper going the wrong way. Smash hit. Goal.

And that's what ensured -- but only for the moment -- that Luis van Gaal & Co hasn't yet joined Burnley on thin ice.