Arsenal Takes Another Stride toward Top Four

Published on 12-Feb-2015 by srijan213

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Arsenal Takes Another Stride toward Top Four

Arsenal avoided a banana skin on their way up to the Premiership's Top Four.

The Gunners handled a pesky Leicester City side, 2-1, in north London.

Every season, whether it's the top flight or relegation zone, there's always a dogfight going on somewhere. Arsenal happens to be in one for their traditional spot in Europe. They've never missed a Champion’s League qualification, and to continue that ritual, they can take no opponent for granted.

Premiership table

Doormat Leicester City showed up when the home side weren't up to their usual standards. The sharpshooters who appeared against Manchester United were the targets themselves this time around.

The first goal for Arsenal looked as if it was a training session.

It's all in the timing and the instep. Patti Smith would be proud.

The Gunners' injured heroes have been dead on target since their return. One of them, of course, is Theo Walcott.

Hmmm. Leicester's 'keeper looks like he's holding skillets instead of wearing gloves.

Leicester City did manage to mitigate their misery by getting one back instead of taking one in for a change.

Talk about a shot having a set of eyes! Call that ball Neo!

Arsenal are now that much closer to their target with fifth position being rightfully theirs now.

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