Reality Bites; Blatter's Sepping Down

Published on 2-Jun-2015 by Alan Adamsson

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Reality Bites; Blatter's Sepping Down

It was just last week, in the wake of arrests that got the ball rolling, when The Most Despised Dude in the Sporting World responded to the question that had to be asked:

Why would I step down? That would mean I recognise that I did wrong.

Well, how about when the FBI and the Swiss -- the Swiss! -- recognize it?

Dr Seuss clearly had a premonition. Hit it, Emily:

And who wrote his swan song? Captain Obvious?

The tipping point was clearly the conveniently leaked info about a smoking gun that had the fingerprints of Blatter's No 2 -- Jérôme Valcke -- all over it. There's no way any of his FIFA-related financial moves would not have had Blatter's approval.

News of that leak probably put paid to Blatter's risky trip to North America for the Women's World Cup and CONCACAF Gold Cup in July. When its full impact finally registered, that's what no doubt put paid to Blatter's reign.

But if history has taught anything in times like this, it's to keep the pressure on until the dude's out the door. Remember this speech?

That was in 1962. Richard Nixon was elected president in 1968. Watergate peaked in 1974.

That special session can't come soon enough.

Blatter won't truly be gone until he's truly gone.

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