FIFA's Fiefdom Shaken, Not Stirred

Published on 29-May-2015 by Alan Adamsson

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FIFA's Fiefdom Shaken, Not Stirred

One way or another, it will not be business as usual in the world football headquarters.

And it won't be for quite some time.

Yes, the Football Don won re-election as the godfather of the Fédération Internationale de Football Association, but to his shock, it wasn't totally a foregone conclusion.

What was set to be a rubber-stamp vote only a week ago had to be delayed so Sepp Blatter and his crew of cronies could wring a few arms to keep their payees in line.

And when the dust cleared, the day's most disgusting sight became as inevitable as the sunset:

Of course, Blatter was only speaking to that part of the world where medieval traditions are firmly entrenched. That would be Africa, parts of South and Central America, and wide swaths of Asia.

Suffice to say they haven't had the discussion yet:

Back in the day, it wasn't conductive to long-term health to oppose the nobility and/or its bureaucracy. So the only way peasants could even sniff a bit of extra consideration was to scarf a dollop of whatever passed their way.

This system remains the most efficient means of fast-tracking transactions in much of the third world. It's just the done thing.

Ever since the jets hit the towers in New York City, the American government has had policies in place that did for global cash-tracking what RICO laws did for the dark side of domestic enterprise. Thus, if there's a Yankee dollar changing hands anywhere, the Feds have given themselves the right to investigate and then some.

That's what's hit the FIFA poohbahs, and word from the source is those hits are gonna just keep on coming.

Precedent: When England's big clubs wanted a share of the FA action proportionate to their revenue generation and were denied, they left after 104 years of membership and formed the Premier League.

UEFA and North America form a giant dynamo for FIFA's cash flow. They almost orchestrated a palace coup in Zürich today. If they now don't see revisions from within, the Football Don and his squad could well see them bolt.

Enough may finally be enough.