Real Madrid Castoff Casts Off Real Madrid

Published on 14-May-2015 by srijan213

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Real Madrid Castoff Casts Off Real Madrid

The reigning Champions League titlists were done in by one of their own.

Underdogs -- if that term even applies at this stage of the competition -- Juventus held steady in the semi-final second leg, which ended in a 1-1 stalemate and handing them the aggregate score at 2-3.

Many thought Juve's first-leg victory in Turin was a fluke, but the confluence of a disciplined Juventus side and a mediocre Real Madrid ensured it would be the Zebras who joined Barcelona in Berlin.

Real looked to be writing a different ending when they won a penalty due to sheer plodding insipidity that's normally confined to the lower divisions:

Although it hasn’t been the case lately, Ronaldo made no mistake this time:

Was there any doubt this match was played in hostile territory for Juve? No. None at all.

The staff's well trained.

Or was it just Suárez again?

Phantom Suarez

As it often does, lame attempts at stealing game time backfired. Real didn't account for the fact that Juve could actually score, themselves, which obviously put the clock in its favor.

And, irony of ironies, the same Zebra who sealed the deal in the first leg came back to haunt Real again:

Yesiree, that's the one and only Álvaro Morata, owner of a Champions League ring as part of Real's roster when they won it all last year. He had a great view from the touchline then, and by summer, wound up out of Carlo Ancelotti's plans altogether. And now, due in part to Morata's heroics in this pairing, his old manager may be out of Real's.

Aquaman w Monster

Real needed desperate measures and a last push. Casillas stepped up for a throw in. That's something you don’t see every day, and this is why:

A foul throw during last moments. Dude, your career's close to toast, now.

Real fans turn their backs quickly. But that's not Morata's problem anymore.