Old Trafford Gets the Zlatan Show

Published on 17-Feb-2017 by srijan213

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Old Trafford Gets the Zlatan Show

Manchester United fans finally got their wish.

A locally-produced Zlatan Ibrahimović show.

Even though he was outnumbered by the Pogba family.

The Red Devils' Paul Pogba faced off against brother Florentin Pogba’s St Etienne only to see the slick Swede score all the goals to claim a 3-0 victory in the Champions League first leg of bracket play.

United is well and truly on a roll. The attacking aura is back, and the goals just keep comng.

Ibrahimović probably won't see his first strike of the game make many highlight videos:.

Dude wasn't made for football; football was made for him. He simply needs be near a scoring chance, and somehow, he is the scoring chance.

And nothing says stardom quite like being in the right place at the right time.

This happens too often to be luck. Call it a knack

Either that or he should take up billiards when he retires.

Adding salt to the wounds of St Etienne -- just down the road from Nice and Monaco, incidentally -- United was awarded a penalty later on.

Well, that's his job.

It took an entire game, but it was still a natural hatter.

Now, all United has to do is park a bus in southern France.