Chelsea Parked Their Bus in the Right Place

Published on 19-Apr-2015 by srijan213

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Chelsea Parked Their Bus in the Right Place

If FIFA 15 includes a strategy in its programing, it must be legit.

José Mourinho thinks so, anyway, and one in particular worked for Chelsea's Blue crew as Manchester United couldn't clear traffic when he ordered his squad to park the bus.

The highly anticipated match ended with the Premiership pacemakers prevailing, 1-0, thanks to The Special One's favorite tactical approach.

We've now seen this many times from the Blues against the likes of Barcelona and Bayern Munich. Now, United can be added to the list. The stats tell a whole 'nother story, but the scoreline awards the glory.

Chelsea v Manchester United stats

And as none other than Luis van Gaal surmised, “That’s football.”

It's obviously why he makes the big bucks.

You're only as good as who you steal from, and Mourinho has taken from the best. Muhammed Ali's tactic of letting an opponent punch himself out, dropping his guard, and then moving in for the kill was known as the rope-a-dope:

It still works.

The only goal of the game came through the only star in the current Chelsea lineup, Eden Hazard.

Dude's not only cool in penalties, but he also knows his way around in a crowded penalty box.

Case in point:

Now he just needs a teammate to be on the same page.

Chelsea fans must be hoping Real Madrid doesn't whisk him away.

Dosh buys everything.

A compact defensive and non-footballing display from Chelsea was good enough to emerge with all three points and extend the gap with their pursuers to 10 points. The title is surely turning Blue now.

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