Former Champions Blank the Falling Champions

Published on 15-Oct-2016 by srijan213

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Former Champions Blank the Falling Champions

 As any self-respecting fox will admit, it tougher being the hunted than the hunter.

Leicester City's finding that out in spades this season.

The defending Premiership titlists are seeing what it's like to have their fixture being the one circled by every opponent they meet.

This time, it was Chelsea, who were loaded for bear. Clearly, that was overkill in this case, and the result was a  convincing 3-0 whitewash.

The Blues' beast, Diego Costa, revved it up early -- as in the seventh minute -- to get the show on the road:

Victor Moses keeps doing his bit, too, as both a playmaker and a finisher. This time, it was as the latter: