Liverpool Unloads on Leicester City

Published on 15-Sep-2016 by srijan213
Soccer / Soccer Daily Review


The Premiership's defending champions felt the full wrath of Mersyside's Reds.

Frankly, Liverpool humilated Leicester to the tune of a 4-1 beatdown.

The fairytale story has long since subsided for the Foxes. They're not sneaking up on anyone this season. In fact, the early stages have been a struggle.

The 'Pool, for their part, continues with its up and down performance. This is an up it'll gladly take.

Roberto Firmino scored a classic Brazilian goal, leaving defenders disoriented:

Sadio Mané has been an excellent buy for Liverpool, and he provided another reason why on the half hour:

The one bright Leicester moment came when Jamie Vardy pounced on an open chance like an actual fox to get one back.

OK, so a fox has better hops:

Adam Lallana scored an absolute stunner in the 56th minute, capping an excellent build-up:

When it's targeted at the top corner, no one can stop it.

Firmino got his brace one minute before time as City’s defense lost its mind.

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