FC Bayern Zeigt Arsenal, wer der Boss

Published on 4-Nov-2015 by srijan213

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FC Bayern Zeigt Arsenal, wer der Boss

If revenge is a dish best served cold -- and if that's good enough for Klingons, who's to argue? -- Allianz Arena's 8ºC atmosphere at kickoff set the stage perfectly.

After a stupefying loss at Arsenal, Bayern Munich exacted its chilled retribution with a 5-1 demolition of the Gunners.

Of course, FC Bayern is a hot favorite -- again -- to win the Champions League title this season, and Arsène Wenger's crew got a harsh lesson as to why.

It was goal machine Robert Lewandowski who kick started it all:

You leave that dude alone in the penalty box, and you expect to win, Mr Wenger?

Frankly, It was a day off for the Arsenal defense. Thomas Müller didn't mind:

Even a botched shot turns to a pass when it's your day.

David Alaba -- the 'defensive midfield attacking winger' for Pep Guardiola, showed exactly why he got the label:

That's why.

Dutch speedster Arjen Robben has been MIA offensively of late, but Arsenal's defense turned out to be a cure for what ailed him, with assistance from Alaba:

On the other side of the ledger, Arsenal’s lethal Olivier Giroud was the only one to hit for the Gunners:

Licensed to thrill.

And for the coda, Müller was only too happy to oblige:

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