FC Bayern Bombs in London

Published on 22-Oct-2015 by srijan213

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FC Bayern Bombs in London

It was the clash of two possession-obsessed tenacious teams.

Bayern Munich may have dominated the possession stats, but Arsenal dominated the scoreboard, and that matters most. Their 2-0 Champions League victory was a mild surprise, but well-deserved.

Given the English clubs' poor form internationally so far this season, odds and perception seemed to be against Arsenal but the Gunners rose above all that gibberish.

Bayern Munich is a hard team to break down, but Arsenal did manage to sneak one past them:

Oliver Giroud doesn't even realize he pulled off football's second-ever Hand of God:

Bayern Munich was shocked, and Arsenal was not far behind from adding more voltage to it:

The referee called it correctly, for once.

Dude should've been the ref when England played Germany in the 2010 World Cup:

Germany seems to be running out of luck with such goals getting disallowed.


Sums up Bayern Munich’s reaction.

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