El Smacko Grande: Chile 7 Mexico 0

Published on 19-Jun-2016 by Alan Adamsson

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El Smacko Grande: Chile 7 Mexico 0

There's something to be said for making a point.

In this case, that'd be an exclamation point:

Chile is the defending Copa América champion, dammit! And anyone with designs on dethroning them had  better bring their best stuff to the party.

Somehow, El Tri never picked up on that vibe:

The 70,547 fans at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara were overwhelmingly Mexican, and after this one, most of them were probably thinking Trump's Wall should start at the goal their dudes were defending.

At least the fans showed up.

And they were not kind:

Crying Jordan Mexico map

Another one, another one

Stop stop stop

Mexico's Copa run most certainly is.

Really, there can be only one word to describe La Rojas quarterfinal haul, and El Guapo is just the one to drive it home:

That'd be it.

Los Cafeteros are now on notice, especially since they needed a shootout victory over Peru to advance.

Copa America semi-finals

Colombia's main objective will be to keep any shootout from happening in the first 90 minutes.