Argentina Misses Chances, Misses Copa Title

Published on 5-Jul-2015 by srijan213

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Argentina Misses Chances, Misses Copa Title

First, the World Cup, and now the Copa América.

Argentines must have a phobia about a major event's final day.

This title slipped away as they were humilated, 4-1, on penalties after carrying play in regulation and only having a 0-0 scoreline to show for it.

You're squandering fleeting moments, dudes.

Annnnd ... poof ... contenders for legendary status, no more.

Argentina's highly anticipated heavyweight bout against the hometown heroes of Chile slipped away like so many of their chances.

No surprise that the locals were up for it:

Just as it was no surprise that no one was really in tune. Sorta set the tone.

The match had very heighty highs, like this:

That was one hybrid of a cross and shot from Ángel di Maria. Luckily for Chile, the T-Mobile ad appeared just in time to deflect the ball away from danger.

Meanwhile, the hosts kept pounding away at a poorly defended touchline:

And Argentina kept turning down room service:

Later, La Roja discovered they'll never be charged for speeding on Route 1:

And so it went for 90 minutes and another 30 of extra time.

Seriously, this is where international football should stop kowtowing to television and do what they do in the Stanley Cup playoffs. Keep going until a real goal is scored. Legends can be made that way, which is far superior than gimmes from the spot.

Gimmes, of course, unless one team has the yips.

But it wasn't Chile:

Not too high this time.

Then, up stepped the Argentine captain, the torch holder for the next generation of football, Lionel Messi:

Been there. Done that. Has the T-shirt.

Then came Arturo Vidal, the escape artist:

No crash and burn this time.

And then, Yips Ahoy! Gonzalo Higuaín aimed for the stars. Literally:

Maybe he was looking to repeat the Ramos kick with a little help from above:

At least he got the first bit right.


Looks like the Argentines need to focus more on penalties than relying on Messi.

Alexis Sánchez, the Chilean hero, stepped up for the winning kick and again showed why he's the Chilean hero:

Got it done in a shade less than a century.

Argentina learned yet again that Messi can only do so much.