Chile Hold Copa América Title on PKs; Messi Blows It, Bows Out

Published on 27-Jun-2016 by Alan Adamsson

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Chile Hold Copa América Title on PKs; Messi Blows It, Bows Out

Damn those TV schedules!

That's why major football events take it to the spot after time and extra time.

The broadcast schedule wants certainty. They've slotted only so long for a match, and then they go about their business of selling commercials in other scheduled shows.

So, for the second year in a row, the most prestigious tournament in the Western Hemisphere gets bumped for ... what? ... some hot chick's tellanova.

On second thought, it's only a game.

In one sense, full marks to Argentina for keeping Chile off the sheet with only ten players.

In another, Chile! What the hell?

Luckily for them, that sort of offensive impotence has been overshadowed by Lionel Messi declaring that international football won't have him to kick around anymore.

If it did, odds are it'd score from the spot more than he would. Just as incredibly, he's never won a major title as a member of the national team.

And now, dude's added a wild miss for his country to the list.

Over-critical? If he wasn't pulling down a kajillion euros a year, maybe. But how hard is it?

It's notable, though, that frustrated Argentines aren't taking it out on the little dude.

Remember this key moment from the highlight package?

It's not the first time Gonzalo Higuaín has wilted under the spotlight.

Return with us now to that thrilling day from yesteryear, when La Albiceleste could've used a goal to win the 2014 World Cup in regulation?

Look familiar?

Here's one Argentine cartoonist's moment of free expression:

Argentina cartoon

Dude's saying his last request is to have Higuaín shoot.

He's threatening to retire along with Messi. Argentines are probably asking him to put it in writing.

As to Messi, Marco Rubio's changed his mind. So, it seems, have a million or so Brexit voters.

Life's short enough. Keep going.