Chelsea's Not Planning to Lose This Season

Published on 28-Aug-2016 by srijan213

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Chelsea's Not Planning to Lose This Season

Last season's fallen champions look all set to take the Premiership by storm this season.

Yes, it's easy to say that in August.

Chelsea hosted one of the Premiership's feisty new arrivals -- Championship champs Burnley -- and have now taken three on the trot after this 3-0 result.

A season back, there might've been speculation if a rudderless Blues crew could lose a match like this, but not this time. The Blues have risen from their misery and are playing like their payroll says they should.

The Blue Wizard -- aka Eden Hazard -- is playing with élan again, which makes a huge difference in fortunes:

The entire Premiership missed stuff like that last season.

Willian arrived at Chelsea with so many expectations, so it's about damn time he got of the schneid:

After all, dude's a Brazilian. Goals like these are supposed to be SOP. They just do things others try but can't.

It's the way of the world, sometimes.

Seems like ages since Victor Moses celebrated at Stamford Bridge, but dude finally got his moment.

The Blues certainly look rejuvenated.

But it's August.

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