Chelsea Has Forgotten How to Win

Published on 25-Oct-2015 by srijan213

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Chelsea Has Forgotten How to Win

The walk of shame continues for the Posh Squad from Stamford Bridge, and the surprising thing is that there's no surprise in it.

Another London derby saw a different result for a change, as West Ham popped Chelsea, 2-1.

José Mourinho seems to have lost his touch and his fans, as he faces another defeat while the Hammers are pounding their way into the Premiership's top echelon.

The Blues' continuing issues in the backfield was ripe for exploitation, and Mauro Zárate was ready to pounce:

That is how you catch a volley with your feet.

Chelsea wasn't producing any creativity of their own, so Gary Cahill decided to copy Zárate:

Close enough.

Chelsea thought one point might be within reach when Andy Carroll found a way to extend their misery:

When you hit it that well, there is no stopping it.

And as a result, the Blues haven't stopped losing.